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Ceiling fan electrician installation services

One of our licensed electricians can be contracted to provide professional ceiling fan installation in Sydney. Hi Quality Electrical has many years of experience installing different types of fans and models including  low profile fans, models with lights built in, retractable blade or even outdoor ceiling fans.

Every manufacturer, model and product is different but our electricians have been installing fans in NSW in houses, units, apartment blocks and small businesses for many years. Our team can help you with a brand new installation, swapping a light fitting for a fan or simply replacing an existing one.

Our team includes electricians that can carry out a wide range of electrical work for new home builds, existing houses, units, apartments or townhouses. Each electrician is licensed, experienced and can handle a wide range of electrical related tasks including;

  • Installing a new ceiling fan.
  • Running new wiring to install a fan.
  • Add switches to walls to use a ceiling fan
  • Remove and old ceiling fan and replace it with a new one
Our head office is based in Orangeville but our service area includes;
  • Austral
  • Buxton
  • Campbelltown
  • Camden
  • Leppington
  • Menangle
  • Narellan
  • Oran Park
  • Picton
  • Smeaton Grange
  • Southern Highlands
  • Silverdale
  • Spring Farm
  • Tahmoor
  • Wilton
  • Wollongong

We can also visit any other suburb of Sydney and are happy to provide a quotation via eMail or phone for you.

Ceiling fan electrician

Do you need an electrician to install a ceiling fan?

You don’t need an electrician to replace a ceiling fan if you are about to audition for the next Jackass movie & want to take a ride on the wild side playing with electricity & wiring in your ceiling. For those who want to replace or install a ceiling fan the correct way it is a smart idea to use a local electrician who has the experience, knowledge & tools to do it safely, especially when this type of appliance connects directly to your property’s electrical wiring with fast moving parts.

Australian electrical safety rules specify all electrical work must be conducted by a licensed electrician. As a homeowner, you can only perform a few tasks including, changing light bulbs, installing low-voltage garden light fittings, and checking the fuse box of your home electrical system. 

Therefore, if you want a ceiling fan installed in your house, the only option is to contact a local electrician & keep in mind, it will ensure the warranty of your fan is still valid.

Electrician for ceiling fan installations

What does an electrician charge to install a ceiling fan?

The first element of cost you have to consider for a ceiling fan is what model you buy or need supplied. You can quickly find pricing for ceiling fans on the internet that are between $89 inc gst for something simple for a bedroom to over $2,400 inc gst for a 106” industrial ceiling fan with multiple blades & heavy duty motor suitable for commercial use. So the hardware is the first cost to consider.

Once you work that out, then you can get a quote from an electrician to supply and/or install a ceiling fan which will be higher than using a general handyman but probably lower than paying the retailer that you bought the fan from who will most likely sub-contract the job.

The cost will vary because you are paying for a skilled contractor to connect an electrical appliance to your property’s wiring systems in a safe manner. Most importantly keep in mind that Australian regulations require an electrician to be the only person to install a ceiling fan even though it seems like a simple thing to do yourself.

It is true, it might be easy to determine a black or red wire but that is only part of the story when it comes to adding or removing appliances from your electrical system. The actual installation cost varies from job to job depending;

  • Are we supplying the fan or just installing it
  • The height of the roof
  • Position of the wall switch
  • Current state of your meter box
  • What type of ceiling it has to be installed onto ie plasterboard, cement etc
  • How large or heavy the fan is
  • Whether it is a replacement of an existing fan or a new installation
We install and replace all major electrical products

We are an family run, local, electrician service. That means you can choose any brand or any product to have installed. 

We can also repair or replace existing electrical products in your home, office, retail or commercial building.

We install any item that requires an electrician to connect it such as ceiling fans, lights or power points.
Our electricians can replace old or broken electrical items like lights, smoke alarms or switchboards.
Your hot water system may have stopped producing hot water or smoke alarm keeps beeping.
Lights flickering, burning smells or black bulb sockets are a sign you may have an electrical fault.

Get an electrical safety inspection

If you are thinking about buying a residential or commercial property (or about to rent one) we can carry out an electrical safety inspection to ensure that every part of the system is working properly & there are no safety hazzards.

An electrician with great reviews

We can write a million words on our website, but finding a local electrician with great reviews is probably more important and here are a few samples with more on our online profiles. 

We have recently used the services of Hi-Quality Electrical for our shop refit re-wiring.

We would rate the service 5 stars, nothing was too much trouble and the team was very accommodating.

We would not hesitate to use Clayton, Travis and his electrician team again for any future work.

We highly recommend them.
helloworld Travel new logo
Alison Hoogenboom
HelloWorld Camden
Just a shout out to Hi-Quality Electrical and the service their electricians provide.

We just had them out to inspect and quote for smoke detector installation and they completed this service where they test all electrical components of the house for peace of mind.

Wish we knew about their electrical inspection service prior to purchasing as we could have negotiated the buying price
Sarina Acsai
KSA Truck &
Plant Services
Thank you so much for organising the sensor light installation with your electrician.

As I mentioned to you, this was a fairly urgent job for me as it was a matter of security due to some incidents I was experiencing. Your understanding of the situation and the urgency behind it was reassuring.

I also wanted to mention the electrician who did the job. He was so polite and very helpful and patient, answering all my questions and showing me how to adjust the light if necessary. I would appreciate if you would pass my feedback onto him.

I will certainly be passing on the recommendation of Hi Quality Electrical to others.
Botany Family Children Centre review of High Quality Electrical service e1687934862792
Rachael Atkins
The building infrastructure of a school can be very complex, Clayton and Travis’ knowledge at Hi-Quality Electrical is second to none.

They are always happy to help and provide creative solutions to all of our electrical requirements.

The Oaks Public School always uses Hi-Quality Electrical for all our electrical needs and I cannot highly recommend them enough.

Their electricians provide fantastic customer service, they are approachable, with professional staff and have excellent workmanship.

It makes them our first choice every time for all our electrical needs.
The Oaks Public School review of High Quality Electrical
Steven Hooke
The Oaks Public School

Frequently asked questions about our Ceiling Fan Electrician service

Our team can provide a fixed price quotation and during an installation service our electrician will complete everything according to Australian standards and provide electrical compliance certificates

  • Advise if any other adjustments are needed to the property
  • Ensure the placement of your fan is correct for the room and your preferences
  • Install the fan correctly so that the fan operates quietly and is well balanced
  • Conceal any of the wiring or components of a ceiling fan that include the motor and canopy. The electrician will set the canopy on the motor with wiring coming out of the top. The extra wires will be passed through the down-rope pipe, threaded onto the top of the motor, and then tightened using a wrench.
  • Make sure the cover plates are installed to the ceiling correctly
  • Check that your meter box can mange another appliance
  • Set the fan up for the right direction of airflow if it is switchable ie create an updraft or downdraft depending on the season

A standard fan will often take approximately an hour to be installed, depending on a few factors including wiring, whether it is to be wall controlled, or remote controlled, and the ease of install location. So depending on your situation it could cost between $180-$325 per fan.

Some common installation examples that may lead to additional costs can be:

  • Very high ceilings that require a fan to be installed with an extension rod.
  • If extra bracing in the ceiling is required for your fan – for example if there is not a beam in the ceiling above where you plan to install the fan.
  • Any installation that is not replacing an old fan for a new one. New installation may require extra wiring and extra work to install wall controllers or isolation switches.
  • Older properties may require a fuse box upgrade before the electrician will undertake any work – this can cost between $500-700 on average.
  • A ceiling that may deviate from what is considered ‘standard’ for example a concrete ceiling or a ceiling with extremely limited access like an apartment between floors.

To save money it is a good idea to get all your fans done at the same time as this will reduce the cost per fan. It also makes sense to do any other electrical work required at the same time (for example if you need to have lights installed or any other non ceiling fan related requirements).

This will really depend on the type of rooms you have at the property, their ceiling types, roof height, size of the fan you are thinking of buying & the height of the product including the mounting hardware. Some rooms simply might not be large or tall enough to safely install one.

Generally speaking you can put one in any room you like, even on a verandah or balcony outdoors.


Getting a ceiling fan installed is one of the most popular home or office upgrades that people in the south west of Sydney tend to choose compared to people living in the eastern suburbs who are close to the ocean. Sydney’s humid heat, especially during summer, can be quite unforgettable.

If you don’t want to spend money installing a split mount air conditioner then a fan mounted on your ceilings to circulate air is the next best thing. They can generate large volumes of regular air flow around the property with the added benefit of being relatively cheap to run vs an air conditioner at around 2 cents or less per hour.

  • You can reduce your average room temperature by around four degrees by using ceiling fans, they are able to generate larger forces compared to a pedestal fan for example.
  • They improve aeration which can help to remove stale odours by introducing a gentle flow of air throughout the room.
  • They can be safer to use because they are out of reach, mounted overhead, ceiling fans do not intrude upon your usable space or present a hazard to children or pets like pedestal fans.
  • They can improve the look of the interior design because they can complement the décor of your home beautifully, and many models have the option of lighting too.
  • They are affordable to run with the majority of ceiling fans cost between 0.13 and 0.29 cents per hour to run
  • They can be used in all seasons, there are summer and winter benefits as ceiling fans can be used for cooling in summer. In winter, they can be used in conjunction with heaters to distribute warm air and keep your room warm.
  • They can be a pest or insect deterrent especially in dining areas and living rooms because flying insects find it harder to move around the air flow.

The million dollar question is who do you choose as your ceiling fan installer? Guess what, there is no simple answer because it will come down to the trust & belief you have that the contractor can complete the job safely. Hi Quality Electrical has been a ceiling fan installer for more than 15 years, so who would you trust with the safety of a fast moving item on your ceiling that needs electricity?

Certainly think twice if the local  handyman says they can throw one up on the roof for a slab of beer.

From bedrooms to living rooms, large commercial spaces, offices and more – we’re the ceiling fan experts, and we look forward to serving you.

We can install a ceiling fan at a time that suits you, we give you the choice;

  • Installations during normal working hours during the week, Monday to Friday
  • On the weekends by appointment
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