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An electrical inspection for only $220 Ex GST is the best way to know exactly what potential safety hazards or maintenance requirements a property has

Book an electrical inspection

  • Plan renovations

  • Identify safety hazards or defects

  • Plan property maintenance and repairs

  • Identify potential electrical issues

  • Identify damage caused by poor installations
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What is an electrical inspection?

  • Thorough inspection of all electrical systems
  • Detailed written report by an electrician
  • Suggestions & recommendations to make a property safe

Our electrical inspection service provides you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property’s electrical systems are safe. Our licensed and experienced electricians will thoroughly inspect every aspect of your electrical systems, including wiring, switches, outlets, switchboard or other electrical equipment to ensure they are up to code and functioning properly.

We understand that electrical safety is key to the safety of your home or workplace. Our inspection also includes a detailed report with recommendations for improvements or repairs needed to ensure your electrical systems are up to standard. With our affordable and professional service, you can be confident that your property is safe and secure for you and your family or employees.

How is an electrical inspection useful?


  • Check electrical systems when buying or renting property
  • Make sure renovations have been done correctly
  • Identify damage from storms or emergencies

An electrical inspection is used for a number of purposes to ensure that all the wiring & other electrical points are 100% safe & ready for use. The most common use of an electrical report is when buying or selling a property, owners can ensure there are no hazards before purchasing and in some cases use this information to negotiate pricing.

In other situations you could be renovating, about to rent or even lease a retail shop and want to make sure all the electrical systems will be safe to use. A building inspector won’t be able to provide details about the electrical systems so that is why an electrician should be used to do an electrical inspection with a written report.

How much does an electrical inspection cost?


An electrical inspection costs $220 ex GST and includes the following;

  • Visual check on all accessible and visible points (e.g. outlets and switches are in adequate physical condition)
  • Appliances appear in a safe working order (e.g cook tops, ovens, upright stoves)
  • Inspecting premises is fitted with adequate HARD wired smoke detectors with battery back up
  • Inspecting if there is safe access to switchboard and is the current state of switchboard adequate
  • Inspecting if switchboard is fitted with RCD protection (safety switches)
  • Inspecting cable condition both front and rear of switchboard as well as at the Point Of Attachment if applicable (cable is to code and adequate)

  • Checking if switch board panel is of adequate material (eg made from plastic or timber and NOT from the asbestos production period)

  • Checking if there is sufficient visual earthing is present on all circuits.

  • Checking if the condition of the main service fuse adequate to determine if further investigation is needed 

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